Ecoset Products

Our products and services have dehydration, UV disinfection/oxidation, screen equipment, and supply various products applied in multiple industry fields. Applications and markets include municipal wastewater, drinking water, environmental contaminant treatment, ultra-purified water in food and beverage manufacturing, cooling water, semi-conductor, swimming pools, and aquarium.


Ecoset's dehydration facilities are mainly used for wastewater sludge treatment, water purification, and various industry groups to provide highly efficient dehydration facilities by automatic operation. Various industrial fields use for products such as lithium, magnesium, calcium, iron, nickel, copper, and gravel.

UV Disinfection

UV systems can be applied to disinfect various pathogenic microorganisms in wastewater, drinking water, ship ballast water, swimming pool, water park, aquarium, fish farm, fire fighting water food and beverage production, ultrapure water, semiconductors, and other industrial water.


AOP system eliminates odor and taste causing compound in water, which are difficult to treat by conventional treatment, by generating OH radicals, a strong oxidant such as UV and fruit trees. AOP system is being widely adapted worldwide.

Intake Facility

Impurities or debris in the inflow of cooling water must be removed to supply cooling water to power generation plants, petrochemical plants, fresh water and industrial facilities. The water intake facility is divided into a primary screen and a secondary screen to sequentially remove large and small debris.