Development of electrolysis/UV hybrid disinfection system for virus removal in sewage water


  • Development and demonstration of hybrid electrolysis/ultraviolet disinfection device capable of efficient removal of harmful substances (microorganisms and viruses) present in the discharged water discharged to rivers and seas

Research Content

  1. Optimal design and performance evaluation of UV reactors of various types (waterway horizontal type, pipeline type, waterway slope type)
  2. Long-term demonstration operation (sterilization performance, economy) and evaluation of individual and hybrid processes
  3. Process evaluation through monitoring of substances to be removed (microorganisms, viruses) and development of operating technology to minimize disinfection by-products
수로 경사형 자외선 소독 시스템 – A 하수처리장
저압 관로형 자외선 소독 시스템 – A, S 하수처리장
중압 관로형 자외선 소독 시스템 – I, S 하수처리장
수로 수평형 자외선 소독 시스템 – S 하수처리장